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Senior Manager – Global Ship Management Company/Relocation (Amsterdam)

ASM Maritime B.V. is a global ship management company with headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, providing comprehensive management services to leading ship owners and operators around the globe.


We are ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified and are well on our way to become a leader in the chemical, product tanker and dry vessels segments. ASM Maritime offers a wide range of services such as technical management, recruitment and crew management. Working with top manning agents, we ensure the highest quality of crew members, who we consider our most valuable and essential resource. With our well-skilled crew at sea and well-experienced operational staff on shore we are committed to the highest Health, Safety, Environment & Quality standards as well as to providing the best and reliable service. We offer a dynamic work environment, in challenging international markets and with opportunities for personal development and growth.


The senior manager is responsible for the management function of the Company and for the operation of the Company’s vessels. The position is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Monitoring overall Company’s performance - Reporting to the CEO.
  • Overseeing the implementation of the stated policies ashore and onboard ships; encouraging awareness and compliance by all personnel.
  • Providing adequate resources and personnel to fulfill policies and objectives.
  • Ensuring that responsibilities, authorities and interrelations of all personnel who manage, perform and verify work affecting Company’s activities, are clearly defined and communicated within the organization.
  • Ensuring that appropriate communication procedures are established within the organization and that communication takes place regarding the effectiveness of the SMS.
  • Coordinating tasks among the Company’s departments.
  • Ensuring that all vessels fulfil all National, International, Industry and Company’s requirements and standards.
  • Following-up of all new developments that take place in the various Maritime Organizations.
  • Ensuring that the planning of the SMS is carried out in order to meet the requirements of the applicable standards as well as the set objectives.
  • Appointing and providing assistance to the DPA.
  • Promoting and communicating the concept of safety and environmental excellence throughout the Company’s organization by monitoring, motivating and encouraging all Company’s personnel for their active participation in the implementation of the Company’s Policy and the SMS.
  • Supervising, overall reviewing and evaluating of the SMS, and for reviewing non-conformance summaries and progress of audit plans.
  • Ensuring that requirements stipulated in the SMS are properly implemented and maintained by all departments.
  • Verifying and approving the issuance or amendments to the controlled documents of the SMS.
  • Monitoring overall Company’s performance.
  • Ensuring that requirements stipulated in the SMS are properly implemented and maintained by his department.
  • Identifying training needs of office personnel and initiate further actions
  • Defining employment needs, recruiting, motivation and appraisal of shore personnel in cooperation with the Department Heads.
  • Ensuring the proper manning of the Company’s shore/onboard operations with qualified personnel and crew.
  • Approving the training plan for office employees
  • Controlling, briefing, interviewing, screening, and hiring shore based staff.
  • Accountable for achieving company objectives.
  • Reviewing and approving expenses / payments as per company policy.
  • Reviewing periodic vessels operation cost and overhead expenses reports.


  • Extensive Marine Experience and/or Shipping studies.
  • A Relevant University degree recognized by National Authorities.
  • A well-established work experience in shipping.
  • Extensive experience in Management skills.
  • Extensive knowledge of Human Resource principles and employee care.
  • Extensive knowledge of financial markets.
  • Working knowledge of the English language.
  • Willingness to Relocate.


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