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Immigration Services

CRG utilizes its destination expertise to navigate the complexities of local immigration and visa processes to deliver a total immigration management program for international transferees.


While the actual visa application process varies depending on origin country, CRG ensures the following critical requirements are addressed in a timely manner:


 Advice on destination immigration requirements - work permits, dependant permits etc.


 Counseling on the application process and documentation required for the application


 Assembly of documentation, preparation of application and presentation of application with appropriate authority


 Regular communication with the corporate client and transferee to ensure all parties are kept fully informed during the approval process


 Notification to corporate client and transferee when visa and/or work permit is issued


 Visiting the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor and the Ministry of the Interior (with or without the assignee - depends on the case) and obtaining the final stamped

authorizations and other documents for the assignee's and his/her family's passports


Note: CRG uses highly-regarded immigration law offices in Israel to obtain the correct and the best possible services in this complex issue.


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