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Global Inter-Cultural Training

CRG is authorized by Dean Foster Associates of New York to run its programs in Israel.


DFA's programs are designed to assist transferees and their families to cope with key cultural transition challenges and to introduce important intercultural competencies.


A comprehensive needs analysis ensures that individual transferee needs and concerns are fully met.


Going beyond traditional cross-cultural training, our Global Effectiveness Training programs provide a great deal more than mere Israel-specific cross-cultural information:


in today's global environment, you need information on how to work effectively in Israel in the context of global projects and global teams, and not just traditional Israeli work styles.


That's what makes DFA Global Effectiveness Training for Israel the essential cultural learning experience for your team.


During the program you will:


 Discuss the practical aspects ("nuts & bolts") of daily life in Israel


 Learn how culture defines who we are and how it impacts how we live and work


 Explore how your own "cultural baggage" affects Israeli and Middle Eastern attitudes toward your home culture


 Examine important aspects of Israeli culture such as: history, government, and society, and discuss how these influence Israeli life today


 Compare and contrast Israeli and Middle Eastern life and work styles with your own, and analyze the complex interrelationships between traditional Israeli culture and modern Israel


 Recognize the impact of globalization on Israeli behavior, identify major globalization factors influencing behavior in Israel today, and evaluate the most effective responses to the globalization phenomenon


You will emerge with:


 A deeper understanding of Israeli values, behaviors, and attitudes, and their impact on your assignment in Israel


 A working knowledge of Israeli business and social protocol and everyday etiquette


 A greater ability to interact successfully with Israelis in social and  business situations


 A personal/team action plan for getting the most out of living and working in your new country, for you, your partner and your children


* All training materials are included in the fee.


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