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Who we are

Corporate Resources Group (Israel) Ltd. was established in 1995 by Doron Neev, who is considered one of the "forefathers" of the International Mobility industry in Israel.

Doron has long and rich experience in the human resources industry in Israel and abroad.


Since then, CRG provides consultation, services and solutions for global HR Management and for Relocation of employees worldwide.


The customers of CRG are Israeli companies who do business abroad or global companies who operate in the Israeli market or plan to do so.



Our history


In 1996 the company became the Israeli subsidiary of Corporate Resources Group S.A. of Geneva, Switzerland.


In 1998, CRG was acquired by the American consulting firm William M. Mercer of New York (now Mercer HR Consulting).


In 2000 Mercer transferred the ownership of some its smaller offices, including Israel, to its local partners.

CRG (Israel) Ltd. thus became an independent firm, specializing in international mobility (all aspects of relocation), global HR consulting, data providing and compensation & benefits consulting, cross-cultural training and other relevant matters.



A few things to know about us


The Leading team of CRG consists of senior HR professionals with extensive experience in global HR Management, and consultants with specializations in employment topics worldwide and management in cross cultural environment


CRG has a global network of partners. These partners enable to provide a full package of consultation and services and tailored made solutions for specific countries


CRG has access to reach data of compensation, benefits, employment terms, employment costs and employment legislation aspects in most of the countries where Israeli companies are doing business


CRG has customers from various industries and strong connections in the Business, Public and Diplomatic sectors


CRG is a member in the US – Israel Chamber of Commerce, UK – Israel Chamber of Commerce and a member of the 2 worldwide leading organizations of the Relocation industry:

  • Worldwide ERC (Washington D.C./USA)
  • European Relocation Association (UK)

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