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שותף איסטרטגי נוסף לשירותים הניתנים ע"י חברת CRG (Israel) Ltd

חברת קורפורט רסורסס גרופ (ישראל) בע"מ שמחה להציע ללקוחותיה שירותים גלובליים נוספים באמצעות שותף איסטרטגי חדש, בן קספר, עולה חדש מארה"ב שנקדמו גם בברכת ברוך הבא לישראל!

אנא שימו לב ששירותיו של בן, באמצעות חברתו, אינם מוגבלים רק לארה"ב אלא יכולים לסייע בידכם ב - 80 מדינות בהן פועלת חברת JLL.



Ben Casper is a VP in JLL’s Leasing and Integrated Portfolio Services practices. As a member of one of New York City’s leading brokerage teams, he provides services including transaction management, lease review and negotiation, preparation of detailed global and national multi-million-square-foot portfolio analyses, as well as formulation of consolidation, space optimization and other cost-saving strategies, for clients both in New York and around the globe.

Ben serves as the transaction manager for three national accounts.


In addition, he helps analyze and prepare zoning studies, alternative development capabilities, ownership structures, and due diligence reports for commercial and residential development sites.


Ben is an attorney by education, and admitted to the New York State Bar, having received his

Juris Doctor from St. John’s University School of Law, after graduating magna cum laude from Yeshiva University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature.


Ben and his family currently live in Modi’in, Israel, where he continues to service his clients around the globe.


"Since making Aliyah, I am continuing to work as a US office leasing broker/advisor with JLL -- the largest, global real estate services firm, with 280 locations, servicing over 80 countries. Together with my partners in the US, I advise companies on their real estate strategy, occupancy planning, space identification, deal structuring, lease negotiation, and financial analyses.



The proliferation of technology companies raising tremendous capital and flourishing in and outside of Israel, naturally leads to increased hiring and the need for additional office space. In order to effectively navigate any real estate market, especially on foreign soil, a company needs a proven real estate advisor with local market intelligence and expertise to make the most informed decisions – decisions that will significantly impact a company’s recruitment, efficiency, productivity and growth. I provide growing companies in the Israeli tech ecosystem with a much-needed bridge and guide to leasing office space overseas and strategic expansion into new markets.


I am uniquely-positioned to provide Israeli-based/headquartered clients with personal accessibility in Israel, my U.S. real estate experience, and my connectivity to JLL’s global platform. Please note that our (US) advisory services come at no cost. We are true partners with our clients, building long-standing relationships with them as they grow and evolve"


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