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לקט עידכונים בנושאי הגירה ורישיונות עבודה ברחבי תבל

  • (UK) Prime Minister Theresa May’s newly formed cabinet includes a Brexit department headed by David Davis, a prominent Brexiter who will serve as Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

  • (UK) The new Home Secretary Amber Rudd, who supported the Remain campaign, has said she will seek to reduce migration to “sustainable levels.” Among other policies, Rudd will decide whether to adopt a points-based immigration system for EU nationals seeking to work in the U.K., a system the U.K. currently uses for non-EU nationals.

  • (UK) A survey by the Institute of Directors after the Brexit vote found that almost a quarter of firms surveyed said they planned to freeze recruitment of new staff, one third would continue hiring, and 5 percent would make cuts.

Immigration – Focus on Tanzania

The United Republic of Tanzania is located in East Africa and comprises of mainland Tanzania and its island neighbour Zanzibar. Tanzania gained independence from Great Britain in 1961 and agriculture has been the country’s core sector since this time. However, in more recent years, natural resources such as gold (and most recently, natural gas exploration) has seen moves toward more project work in these sectors. Home to Mount Kilimanjaro on the mainland and beautiful beaches on the island, the United Republic of Tanzania also attracts many tourists looking to discover the opportunities this East African nation has to offer.


The regulations governing work and residence permits in Tanzania have undergone recent changes, meaning that expatriates wishing to live and work in Tanzania now need to make an application for a Work Permit from the Department of Labour, and a Residence Permit from the Department of Immigration, whereas, previously, both functions were covered by one Residence Permit.


This latest shift shows a clear undertaking by the government to protect its local workforce and encourage localisation wherever possible.


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