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הבית הלבן: שלטונות ההגירה יאפשרו העסקה לבני/בנות זוג של בעלי אשרת H-1B

Some spouses of highly skilled and/or entrepreneurial foreign workers on H-1B
temporary work visas will be allowed to work in the US.


The move helps support a group of business owners who create most of the new jobs in the U.S.  
In early April, a fact sheet was issued containing President Obama’s policy proposals.


A section headed “Attracting the World's Best and Brightest” contained several ideas
that should make the United States more attractive to talented foreign entrepreneurs
and other high-skilled workers on H-1B visas. 


Also announced was the launch of “Entrepreneur Pathways, “an online tool to help
foreign-born entrepreneurs navigate opportunities in the U.S.


מקור: ERC Worldwide/Washington D.C./USA

Workpermit.com, 5/1/2014