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Global Human Resources Management & International Mobility Services – CRG

As corporate resources executives in your organization, have you ever found yourself pondering in matters such as:  


We plan to acquire a company in Israel. Who can assist us in the Human Resources aspects of the Due Diligence?


We need to urgently move five software engineers from our office in Tokyo to Jerusalem. Who can help us obtain the relevant work permits and visas?    


What salary level is appropriate for our new director of marketing, who is coming out of Boston to be an international assignee in Tel Aviv?


What are the real rental prices in Herzliya or Kfar Shmaryahu for a foreign executive and who will help us find the right accommodation there?


We need seven local professionals for our new office in Haifa. Who can help us build and manage their social benefit system?


We do not intend to hire a HR manager for our new operations in Rehovot. Who can support us in developing and maintaining the right HR policy and compensation & benefits system?



Since 1995, CRG offers end to end consultation and solutions for Global and Local HR Management, and for International Relocation, in the following domains


Recruitment  Worldwide


 Relocation services – to and from Israel


 Global HR Management Data: Compensation, Benefits and Employment Terms


 Outsourcing of HR Functions


 Support for Mergers and Acquisitions


 Employment Solutions Around the Globe


 Strategic HR consultation: Alignment of HR Strategy with Business Strategy



We bring: 


 Strong Business Orientation – Focus on the impact of HR Management on the company’s financial results


 Extensive experience in Global HR Management


 Integrative approach – ability to handle multiple dimensions of Global HR Management and their interrelationships


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