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Getting Out of the COVID-19 Crisis

These days, many countries including Israel, are dealing with getting out of the COVID-19 Crisis and trying to re-activate the economy, at least partially.


Corporate Resources Group (Israel) Ltd, remained active all these days of the crisis. We continued taking care of our foreign expats in Israel and responded to questions of our customers and colleagues abroad.


The following services are now operational in Israel and by CRG (Israel) Ltd.:


Immigration: New applications for work and resident permits may be presented by us. Please take in account about 2 months and perhaps even more due to the crisis. Delays may happen when the expat needs to approach the Israeli Embassy/Consulate in his/her country and there are some restrictions on opening hours. Needless to say, that handling extensions of these permits is handled regularly here with some small delays.


Kindly note that entry to Israel is not allowed yet for foreign nationals but as the work permit's process takes a few months, it is worthwhile to start it hoping that by the time it is approved, flights would be available again.


Employment Services (PEO): Continue regularly for Israeli experts (for foreign companies). The process of employment of foreigners in Israel is connected to work permit and the possibility of entering Israel. So kindly check with us before taking any step.


Recruitment: Recruitment of local personnel can be done by us.


Home Search: If there are any foreigners in Israel or when flights are renewed, all services are now opened regularly as well as orientation tours (all with certain limitations on number of people and always with masks).


Opening Bank accounts for Expatriates: Banks are now open upon fixing a meeting and the process is possible. It is a rather complicated process due to strict money laundry regulations but possible and then, it works with no problems. Most banks in Israel have their websites also in English.


Registration with the Local Authorities: In principle no problem and in many cases can be done via phone/e-mail/websites. Naturally, we help the expatriates to finalize these processes.


School Search: When flights start again – no problem to do it. It is always done upon a scheduled meeting.


Information, Training and Consulting: Can be done easily via phone/e-mail/zoom or personal meeting within the regulations.


Due to the situation in the world and in Israel, we recommend  first checking with us over the phone/e-mail, any question you may have before taking any step that might be wrong or impossible.


We are at your disposal for any question!

Stay safe!