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ממשלת רוסיה פרסמה את מכסת רישיונות העבודה לשנת 2012

Government decree defines quotas for work permits available in 2012 per region.


The government of Russia has established the number of work permits which will be granted to foreign employees in the Russian Federation in the upcoming year. The 2012 quota was determined per region based on applications submitted by companies up to May 1, 2011.


The national foreign labor quota for 2012 has been set once again at 1,745,584 for the whole territory of Russia. While establishing the quota, authorities take into the account growing number of work permits issued outside of the quota system for foreigners considered as highly qualified professionals or as migrants coming to work for a private person in Russia.


Specific numbers for the Moscow region have increased slightly compared to 2011. Moscow’s quota has been determined at 136,384 work permits available for 2012, whereas in 2011 the quota was 128,803.


Regional authorities will additionally divide the work permit numbers per companies who submitted their forecasts. Companies may expect to have their specific quota set by January 2012.

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