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רוסיה: בדיקות איידס נדרשות לביצוע במרפאות המדינה בלבד

הכתובת הרשמית ברוסיה מכתיבה איזו מרפאה לבקר.


Foreign nationals applying for work permits in Russia through the standard quota procedure must be tested for HIV at an official state clinic. The HIV test is part of a comprehensive medical exam required to be completed after arrival to the country.


While tests for infectious diseases such as, for example, leprosy, tuberculosis and syphilis may be completed at any chosen commercial clinic, as of July 1, 2011 a foreigner may only undergo the HIV test at a state accredited medical institution.


The foreigner’s registered address in Russia will determine which facility must be visited, as different medical centers are responsible for various locations. Cost and issuing time of a certificate varies between clinics.


An appointment must be scheduled with a responsible clinic’s registry, which will issue an appointment card that will have to be presented to the doctor during a visit. After the test is taken, a foreigner is informed by the clinic when the results may be picked up. Depending on the clinic, personal presence during pick-up of medical results may or may not be required.


Only based on negative results, can the immigration procedure continue. In case of positive result, the foreigner’s visa cannot be extended and one will have to leave Russia.


Those foreigners who are following the immigration procedure reserved for highly qualified professionals do not need to take HIV tests after arrival, however, depending on specific consulate’s requirements; they may be subject to medical examination in their home countries in order to receive an entry visa.


For every case, applicants are advised to check with their local Russian consulates whether HIV testing is needed. Furthermore in certain countries HIV tests are valid for a limited period of time; therefore timing of the medical examination must be carefully coordinated with visa application submission.


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