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הונגריה – אזרחים זרים מחוץ לאיחוד האירופי יקבלו רישיונות שהייה עם מידע ביומטרי

Effective May 20, non-EU foreigners residing in Hungary will be fingerprinted and photographed


EU Council regulation which requires the introduction of documents in uniform format, non-EU foreigners residing in Hungary for long term purpose will soon need to obtain permits with biometric information.

The biometric data is stored in the authority’s system as well as in the plastic card issued to the foreigner for the specific purpose of stay.

Starting May 20, in case of foreigners above the age of six, fingerprints and photographs will be taken at respective regional immigration offices in case of following applications:

  • Residence card for third country citizens and family members of Hungarian nationals
  • Residence permit for third country nationals
  • Temporary residence permit, national permanent residence permit, and EC (European Community) permanent residence permit
  • Immigration or permanent residence permit
  • Residence permit for humanitarian reasons

Although digital photographs will be taken at the time of application, foreigners are still required to provide printed photographs with their application forms.

Residence permits obtained before May 20, 2011 will be valid until expiration.

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