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Recruitment Worldwide

CRG has a strong global network of executive search and recruitment agencies. These include international networks as well as boutique offices, through which we can assist in the selection and recruitment of executive, professional and technical / administrative employees for all business sectors.


The offering for global recruiting includes:


Support in the analysis of the organizational need and the definition of the Job Description


Managing the of the recruitment process until the position is filled, by:

     - Communicating with the local search agency

     - Filtering CVs

     - Initial interviews of candidates

     - In depth interviews of candidates

     - Consultation in decision making about candidates


CRG offers additional services around global recruiting:


Consultation regarding aspects of salary, benefits and employment costs


Consultation regarding the compensation package, according to the role, its level and the specific country


Support for the absorption of the new employee


Cross cultural training for the new employee or / and the team that he joins


Employment Solutions around the globe


With the help of our  worldwide partners, CRG offers employment solutions whenever the customer does not have a local legal entity which can be the "employer" in the specific country


The solution can be permanent or temporary, until the legal entity will be established


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