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רוסיה – תזכורת – מכסת רישיונות העבודה לשנת 2012 בתהליך – מועד אחרון להגשת בקשות: 1 במאי, 2011

Companies must submit foreign labor forecast till May 1, 2011

Russian companies intending to employ foreigners in the year 2012 may now start submitting foreign labor forecast to labor authorities. Forecast submissions are accepted until May 1, 2011, therefore companies should plan their application accordingly.


The application process should start as early as possible to avoid challenges of the long queues and technical issues at authorities. Experience of past years shows that many companies do file applications just before the deadline. Last year due to the limited capability of the authorities, some of applications were not accepted and therefore companies were not granted a quota for 2011.


Procedure has to be started by registering company on the website “Migrakvota” in order to receive a user-name and password. After filling out the application electronically, hard copies of required forms must be submitted, together with other corporate documents to the appropriate authority.


Furthermore employment of every foreigner needs to be planned in advance. Companies must consider various aspects while preparing the forecast for 2012 quota, such as for example nationality of foreigner, job position and many others.


Certain foreign employees may be granted work permits outside of the national quota. Each year the Ministry for Health and Social Development outlines list of job positions that are to be exempt from the quota requirement. The federal order defining the list of job positions for the year 2012 is yet to come into force. The proposal includes top management positions of general directors, managers, certain type of scientists and engineers as well as other highly skilled professionals.


As the list of exempt positions is modified on the yearly basis, it is not certain that next year such list will be approved as well, therefore as precaution companies should submit their forecasts to book their quota and guarantee required job positions.


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