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רומניה – הממשלה מתכנת לנפק פחות רישיונות עבודה לזרים

The Romanian government is currently discussing passing a law that will reduce the number of work permits issued to foreigners in the upcoming year. In 2011, foreign employees would thus make up only 0.12 percent of the total number of employees in Romania’s economy.


Although no official document has yet been issued, Romanian media outlets have reported that the quota number is currently set at 5,500 work permits for next year. This is considerably less than in 2010, when the government pre-approved the issuance of 8,000 such permits.


The amount of work authorizations granted to temporary employees, for whom social security contributions are not paid, will also be reduced for 2011.

This decision aims to ensure that certain job positions will be filled by locals, rather than by foreigners who are recruited from abroad. The government also hopes to prevent illegal employment of undocumented workers by placing finer control on the process.


If requests for work permits exceed a predetermined quota, the government has the ability to grant additional authorizations.

As of September 2010, approximately 59,000 foreigners had been residing in Romania legally. The population of foreigners can be divided as 49,000 temporary residents and 10,000 permanent residents.


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