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רוסיה: הגבלת חופש התנועה לעובדים זרים – הנשיא קורא להסרת המגבלה של 10 ימים

Foreigners employed in the Russian Federation currently have a limited time for traveling on business trips within the country. Those who hold work permits which have been issued for one specific region, may only travel on business to other areas of the country for a period of up to ten days within the period of their work permit validity.


On 13 November, 2010 order number “564H” came into force slightly easing these travel restrictions for certain foreign employees.


The government determined an official list of professions permitted to work in regions other than where their work permits were issued, for up to the period of 60 days within the validity of their work permits. Labor contracts of these foreigners, however, must specifically state that their position requires traveling.


The privileged professions include sailors, artists, performers, correspondents, translators, general directors, and different types of drivers and workers.


Temporary residence permit holders are also able to travel for more than ten days within a year. If their profession is on the specified list they are allowed up to 40 calendar days of work related travel within Russia. In case their contract states the need for travel, this restriction is extended to 90 days within one year period.


Different rules apply to the travel of highly skilled professionals. Those foreigners who qualify as such, may conduct work activities in other regions for up to 30 days per year.

In case highly qualified professionals have a clause in their contract stating that their work is connected with traveling, there is no restriction on their travels within Russia.


According to local media, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is planning to further ease immigration restrictions on freedom of travel. “Frankly, I did not know about this rule,” Medvedev said at a meeting highlighting the new innovation climate in Russia. “This is something from the Soviet-era legislation.”


Medvedev, who hopes to improve the foreign investment and business climate in the country, asserted that the law must be changed.


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