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Dirk Nollet - Sr. Consultant, CEO of Albatros NV (Belgium)

Dirk Nollet is the CEO of Albatros NV of Antwerp/Belgium.


Dirk is a Business Coacher and International Tax Consultant with special expertise on all relevant issues within the European Union.


For over thirty years, Dirk and his companies are dealing and advising to foreign companies and individuals on management, purchase, sales and development of real estate, establishing new  companies, from simple to complex international European networks of companies, production and distribution of Belgian chocolate in Vietnam, business consulting in the USA and consulting to major Israeli companies in their finance and tax affairs within the EU.


Dirk has started his independent career in 1976 by creating his first company EKAD Ltd. with offices in Antwerp, Brussels, 

Bruges (Belgium), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Atlanta (USA).



In 1994 EKAD was sold to Ernst & Young International and Dirk continued his work there as a Senior Advisor to Ernst and Young International.


In 1998 Albatros NV was established.


Dirk is a frequent lecturer and presented among others at numerous seminars and congresses for the Belgium Foreign Trade Board in Rome, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Barcelona, Orlando, Moscow, New York, Austin, Atlanta, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and for the "Export Institute Israel".


He is frequently moderating in panel conversations and seminars for professional organisations concerning fiscal and professional subjects around the world, including Israel.


Dirk is also dealing a lot with different social activities for the community, among them: Past President of "De Antwerpse Komedie" (the Antwerp Comedy), Past Vice President of the "Chamber of Commerce Belgium-Luxemburg-Israel", Brussels, President of the "Opleidingscenter voor Autisme" (Training Centre Autism), Antwerp, Active Member of the "American Chamber of Commerce", Brussels, Member of the "Trade and Investment Committee AMCHAM", Brussels, Board Member of the "WTC International Club of Flanders", Bruges, Founding Member and President of the "Brussels Welcome Network", Past Arbiter of the "Chamber of Commerce and Trade", Antwerp, Manager Chamber of Commerce Belgium-Vietnam, etc.


Dirk was born in Belgium and holds a Master Degree in Economics (1973) from UFSIA,

University of Antwerp and also a degree from the Fiscal High School of Belgium.


Languages: Dutch, French, English and German.