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Tenancy Management

Subsequent to securing a longer term rental property in Israel, CRG assumes "management" of the Residential Tenancy Agreement from the corporate client/transferee's perspective.


CRG's Tenancy Management program streamlines management of tenancy issues and provides peace of mind for employees on their international assignment to Israel.


Tasks managed by CRG are tailored to the specific tenancy situation but typically include:


 Preparation of a detailed Property Condition Report


 Verification of inventory for fully furnished accommodation


 Lease review


Handling of rent and all relevant payments of the property 


 Written notice to landlord regarding:

  • Exercising options         
  • Renewing or re-negotiating a lease
  • Activating diplomatic/break clause in a lease
  • Termination of lease

 Liaison with landlord over maintenance issues


Through our business partners around the world, CRG can offer similar services in most countries. 


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