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Home Finding Rental

CRG home Finding Rental program streamlines the house-hunting process, ensuring that the transferee and his/her family secure quality housing appropriate to their needs, lifestyle and housing allowance, whether in Israel or abroad.


CRG works with the transferee, pre-arrival, to understand individual needs, to outline local housing options and also to manage transferee expectations of housing relative to the housing allowance.


The pre-arrival needs analysis includes advice on residential areas and local community facilities.


CRG is a member of the European Relocation Association (EuRA) and strictly adhere to its rules. Therefore, CRG itself is not a realtor.


We do work with the best of realtors all over Israel but as there are no financial relations, we can guarantee objective, professional and independent work.

So, the transferee benefits from truly independent, objective information and counseling, while the corporate client is assured that corporate relocation policy and housing allowances are adhered to.


Realtors’ fees (if applicable) are according to the host countries laws and rules but only between the transferee and/or his company and the real estate agency.


In Israel, we also have certain data on housing offered to us by private landlords with no real estate agencies.


CRG's Home Finding Rental programs are fully transparent, thus safeguarding corporate interests.


 Pre-arrival needs analysis


 Pick-up from and return to temporary accommodation


 Welcome to "Any Place” in Israel and abroad city information pack


 Overview of residential areas appropriate to lifestyle and budget


 Inspections of available rental homes


 Assistance with lease negotiation & property condition report


 Property handover & move-in


 Utility connections & local registration (where required)


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