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ISRAEL – Immigration authorities step up employer audits

Israeli immigration authorities are increasing employer audits, aiming to ensure that employees have proper documentation to work in Israel.


Employers should be vigilant to ensure that they are in compliance with all immigration requirements related to employing foreign nationals.

  • Implementation timeframe: Ongoing.
  • Visas/permits affected: Work permits and visas.
  • Who is affected: Employers and foreign nationals working in Israel.
  • Business Impact: The impact on businesses that are not in compliance with immigration laws can be dramatic. Employers may face significant fines and even criminal penalties.

The increase in audits began in February and resulted from the Ministry of Interior's decision to focus more closely on multinational business operations in Israel. The energy and high-tech sectors have been watched particularly closely.


Audits may be done without prior notice and involve examination of employee passports and other work-related documents. Human resource managers at either the work site or a corporate office should be prepared to show copies of an employee's visa, time sheets, past three pay slips and employment contract.


Penalties for noncompliance are stiff for employers and employees alike. Employers face fines and possible criminal penalties; employees working without proper visas can be detained and possibly deported.


BAL Analysis: Especially since Israel reintroduced a 30-day work permit, officials are showing no patience for employees working without proper permits or visas. Employers should take note of the audit increase and take steps to make sure all foreign employees are properly employed. It should be noted that almost all employees who have been found to be working illegally in Israel were actually eligible for "foreign expert" B-1 work visas that they did not have.


Courtesy of BAL