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International Data and Services Providers

CRG works in close cooperation with some of the world's leading companies that specialize in the provision of accurate, current, survey-based data.


These companies are located  in Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia, and provide very detailed data and comprehensive services.


Our services include


Calculation of compensation & benefits packages for Israeli executives and professionals relocating to assignments abroad. Similar services are provided for foreign executives or professionals relocating to  Israel. The calculations are made using current data and advanced analytical tools


Support in building compensation & benefit packages for executives and professionals for local-hire employees in various industries in Israel and abroad, based on comprehensive and up-to-date compensation surveys and local labor legislation


Data, reports and advice regarding employment laws, statutory benefits, taxation and other benefits related to the compensation and benefits of local-hire and expatriate employees in different countries


Surveys and up-to-date data on cost-of-living (accommodation, education, business trips, short-term assignments and consumer goods and services) and quality-of-living/hardship allowances for more than 200 different cities around the world


 Economic, political, social and cultural profiles for many different countries


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