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דייטינג בעת רילוקיישן בחו"ל? גם זה לא הכי פשוט אבל קחו את זה בחיוך ובעיקר הכינו עצמכם לנושא

היום, כאשר מרבית החברות בעולם מנסות לחסוך בעלויות הרילוקיישן כמיטב יכולתן, שולחות רבות מהן עובדים בודדים, ללא משפחות למקומות שונים בעולם, לא כולם כל כך פשוטים וקלים, בוודאי לא לרווק או לרווקה המוצאים עצמם לעיתים, די בודדים במקום שליחותם. כמה מילים על איך להתמודד עם הנושא...


If you have moved to a new country, and are single, it may sometimes be rather difficult to find a partner. One of the reasons being the difference in culture of your host country, at least where the rules of dating are concerned. Perhaps dating another expat from your home country, or any another country for that matter is what you will find to be  the most comfortable. Sharing the same, or similar, concerns, feelings and experiences could be indeed a plus. Nevertheless, if you decide to get involved in a relationship with someone from your host country, it could help to learn about the communication and common habits of emotional relationships – locally.


If you prefer to stick to familiar patterns of dating, the best option is to start dating an expat. Surely, if you can find one, a person coming from your home country would, in this case, be the ideal solution.


Still, we don’t always have control over our feelings, and it is not uncommon for an expat to fall in love with a national while on assignment. If your host country’s culture is similar to your own, than you probably don’t have to make any additional effort. However, if you do came from completely different environments, in terms of culture, language, religion or lifestyle, you will probably have to take some time and learn more about the dating etiquette among couples in your partner’s country.


For example, if you are dating an Asian (provided that you are not from Asia), remember that their belief system is very important. Be ready to meet your partner’s parents and other family members at an early stage of the relationship, as family plays an important role in Asia. Furthermore, men have treat women with the highest respect and will not try to dominate, yet they are still considered as the family’s provider. If you happen to fall in love with a person from the Middle East, keep in mind that being intimate before marriage is a big “no”. Actually, in many of the Middle East countries, people do not date at all.  Having an African partner can be very interesting, as Africans are highly liberal in terms of their dating customs and rituals.


These are just a few examples. If you have personal experiences on the matter we would love to hear from you!


Wherever in the world your life takes you, finding that special someone overseas can help you overcome homesickness, culture shock and make settling in much easier. Who knows, maybe the love of your life is waiting for you at your next destination.



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