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רומניה: מכסת רישיונות העבודה לשנת 2012 אושרה. מכסה חדשה בתוקף מ – 1 בינואר, 2012


On December 29, 2011 the Romanian work permit quota for 2012 was officially approved by the government in the form proposed last year.

Effective January 1, 2012, following quota is applicable in relation to work permit requests:

  • 3,000 work permits for local employment
  • 700 work permits for secondments
  • 1,000 work permits for highly skilled workers
  • 100 work permits for seasonal workers
  • 100 nominal work permits
  • 200 work permits for internships
  • 300 work permits for athletes
  • 100 work-permits for trans-boarder workers

Work permit numbers have decreased for the locally employed compared to last year and work permit numbers increased for seconded workers. EU blue cards are now available for highly skilled non-EU applicants with right qualifications. This new work permit category received a separate quota for 2012 as per above.

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