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CRG (Israel) Participated in a Seminar on Vietnam

By Doron Neev
Corporate Resources Group (Israel) Ltd. has participated last week in a seminar on Vietnam, given by the Chamber of Commerce of Tel Aviv and the Embassy of Vietnam in Israel.

About 40 people, Israeli representatives of different companies, mainly in the food and textile sectors have participated in the seminar. Moderator was Liran Avitan from the International Division of the Chamber.


H. E. Do Minh Hung, Ambassador of Vietnam to Israel and his Counsellor, Mr. Le Thai Hoa, Head of Vietnam Trade Office to Israel, have presented the capabilities of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and the options that exist to Israeli companies and businessmen that wish to open commercial activities in Vietnam with local cooperation or independent one.


Vietnam is a rather big country with 331,212 km2 and some 100,000,000 people with large percentage of young population. The main cities are Hanoi (the political capital of the Republic in the north) with over 6 million people and Ho Chi Minn City (formerly Saigon), the business capital with over 8 million people.


Ho Chi Minn City at night


The Seminar


It is true that Vietnam exports among other a lot of food products (fish, seafood, meat, banana, one of the best coffees in the world, etc.) besides textile (many of the textile products like shirts and trousers in the most distinguished chains in the USA sell "made in Vietnam" products but somehow people disregard the manufacturing sector as well as the growing hi-tech industry. Vietnam is also exporting different machines, fertilizers, tires and metals.


The Vietnamese economy is being transferred since 1986 from centralized tough economy to a more industrial, market-oriented economy and the average annual growth of the country is around 6% due to local consumption and rather big export of industrial products. Vietnam is a member of the World Trade Organization and has trade agreements with the EU, S. Korea, China, USA and Japan. The government is trying to facilitate as much as possible regulations and processes in order to increase the activities and cooperation with other countries and investors.


At the end of the seminar, the Vietnamese team has presented a very good short movie on the economy and industrial achievement of the country.


It must be noted that the team has shown an excellent control of the English language beside very friendly atmosphere and high level of communication which will most probably put this country that suffered so much in its modern history during the 20th century into a new power in Asia.


Corporate Resources Group (Israel) Ltd. has now all the tools to help Israeli companies going to Vietnam or Vietnamese Companies coming to Israel with all that is HR and Global Mobility (HR Organizational Consulting, Work Permits, relocation services, home search, shipment services, employment , etc.) and we will be glad to help and connect you with the right professional suppliers.