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The Polish-Israeli Economic Forum/CRG (Israel) Ltd./June 2018

The Polish-Israeli Economic Forum took place on June 19th, 2018 at the largest hotel of Tel-Aviv, David Intercontinental. More than 70 Polish companies of different sectors (Industry, software, medical devices, automotive, transportation, logistic, industrial parks, etc.), took part in this forum.


The Forum was organized by the Federation of the Chambers of Commerce in Israel, the Israel-Poland Chamber of Commerce; the Ministry of Economic and Industry of Israel, the Export Institute of Israel, the Polish Ministry of Technology and a few economic Polish organizations.


CRG (Israel) Ltd. was invited to participate at this important event.


During the seminar, a few agreements for bilateral cooperation were signed between the Israeli and the Polish organizations heading by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of the Republic of Poland, Mrs. Jadwiga Emilewicz. The State of Israel was represented by the Minister of Regional Cooperation, Mr. Tzachi Ha'Negbi.


There is no doubt that a great organizational work was done by the organizers that managed to create such a big seminar in Tel Aviv of June 2018, in a country that find itself in an  unstable situation both from military point of view as well as internal point of view. Despite the situation the organizers managed to bring such a nice number of Polish companies in Israel to take part in this Forum. This is also despite the high tension between the two countries due to a certain Polish legislation of a few months ago dealing with the sensitive issues of the Holocaust period and which created very angry reactions in Israel.


The relationship between the Jewish and Polish people are among the longest in human history (more than 1,000 years)! No doubt that during this very long period the relationship knew different ups and downs while the record was the dark period of World War II when Nazi Germany built death camps on Polish soil and some of the Polish people took part in the horrible crimes against Jews while some did everything they could to save some Jewish people. The names of these noble people are commemorated at the Avenue of the Righteous at "Yad Va'Shem" in Jerusalem.


In the last decade, the relationship between the two countries have became of a great friendship in all sectors while Poland is supporting Israel on the international arena when Israel is permanently attacked by so many hostile countries and many of the EU members. Mutual visits of the top leaders as well as many delegations of different businesses and sectors are daily matters. Culture as well as tourism are on a very high level and both El-Al and Lot Airlines as well as many other airlines developed daily heavy traffic between the two countries.


About a year ago, CRG (Israel) Ltd. representatives had the chance for another visit in Poland for the European Relocation Association annual conference and our business and personal relationships with our Polish colleagues have strengthen.  Due to this visit and excellent relations we can support our Israeli customer that wish to enter the Polish market or  colleagues in Poland who wish to open some business activities in Israel in the following domains:

  • Building the Comp & Benefits package for either the Israeli or the Polish market including tax and COL differences.
  • Getting work/resident permits both in Poland and Israel.
  • Finding the right housing and schooling solutions for the employees and their families in both Poland and Israel and any other "ground arrangements" in both countries.
  • Employment solutions for those companies that have no legal entities in these countries.
  • Local Recruitment.
  • Intercultural training and preparation of the families for living in either Poland or Israel.
  • Shipment between the two countries by a sister company.

Our colleagues in Poland and our office in Israel are at your disposal for any question and request.