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The 6th Event of the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM)

By Idan Neev, GMS/Relocation Coordinator
On Wednesday, July 3rd 2013, Dotan Cohen, head of DC Law Offices -Relocation & Immigration, hosted the 6th conference of the FEM in Israel.

Event's Title: Relocation 2013, changes, updates and new services


FEM Chapter leader in Israel and CRG General Manager, Mr. Doron Neev


As usual, the event was opened by Doron Neev, the forum chapter leader in Israel and CRG - global Human Resources management General Manager. Doron summarized the forum activity for 2013 and also shared his (and CRG'S stuff) nice experiences and insights from the last EuRA conference (EuRA is the largest relocation association in Europe) held in Bucharest Romania last April.


According to Doron, there are around 80 forum members, and the aim is to hold at least 1-2 FEM events by the end of 2013, hopefully with some distinguished guests from abroad as well. As mentioned above, Later this year (2013) the forum will hold further events, most likely with wider common denominator as well as focused groups (which will be smaller naturally) on special issues chosen by the steering committee or by members' request. Doron has asked the members to come up with some new topics and ideas so that the forum could serve its members in the best possible way. Likewise, Doron mentioned to his colleagues, Human Resources Managers presented in the event, that in order to be a part of today's global world, there is a necessity to participate in surveys or other international activities.


For example, Doron chose to analyze the results of the last survey by The Forum for Expatriate Management - Long Term Assignment Policies; Including : Pre-assignment assistance, Partner and family assistance, Tax assistance and whether organizations tax equalize or tax protect and if they do – How much is covered, Ongoing support on assignment and Cost of living and hardship allowances.


Mrs. Sageet Tidhar- Akerman of Intel's global talent management has taken the opportunity to expand and explain a little bit about this highly important field in recent years which is of course – Talent management.



Left: Mrs. Sageet Tidhar-Akerman and Advocate, Mr. Dotan Cohen


Immediately after Mrs. Akerman, Advocate, Mr. Dotan Cohen gave his lecture in which he explained to the audience about the recent changes that have been made in the U.S Immigration laws. Certainly one of the most important issues for most of the global companies in the world today, and for Global HR & Relocation professionals in particular.


After a short break for coffee and networking, Doron spoke about the last Survey by The Forum for Expatriate Management (please see above) Mr. Assaf Lotan, Joint CEO at Lotan Group spoke about Individual security in the relocation age, another aspect that every Israeli expatriate, (but not only Israeli expats and their families) has to take into account when on a mission abroad.


How to behave or what to do, or not to do  in certain foreign countries, cities and cultures in order to avoid unnecessary dangerous situations and to keep safe as much as possible.


Last but not least we had Dr. Avishai Gruengard of Pet Passport - Relocation for pets.


Veterinarian, Dr. Gruengard shared the basic information a pet lover assignee has to know before he takes his beloved dog or cat to an International mission with him/her. In other words, Relocating with your dog/cat/ or any other pet.; Preparations, Vaccinations, timing... or basically, what has to be considered and what is the overall procedure when flying with your pet. From our own personal experience in CRG, there has been a significant increase of people calling and asking about the requirements and procedures of flying with a pet abroad recently. In many cases, these procedures may take a few months and therefore this is another aspect that both the assignee and HR managers have to take into consideration and be prepared for it well in advance.


The next FEM conference is planned for October, after the summer vacation and the holidays' season in Israel. Notifications will be sent accordingly.

We hope to see you all in our next event!

Some more photos from the last FEM conference