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4th of July Celebrations in Herzlia/Israel

Members of Corporate Resources Group (Israel) Ltd. have taken part at the traditional 4th of July celebrations at the Residence of the US Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Dan Shapiro, in Herzlia.


Corporate Resources Group (Israel) is on the Ambassador’s list due to the fact that we are preferred suppliers of the United States of America’s Embassy in Tel Aviv.


On Tuesday night (3rd of July), some 2,000 people, mostly Israelis, American citizens in Israel but also many other guests from around the world, took part in the traditional 4th of July celebration.


After passing very strict security check-ups by the Israeli GSS and US Embassy officers, the guests were invited into the Ambassador's huge garden, right over the cliff of Herzlia's beach

The guests enjoyed traditional American food (fresh, straight from the oven Domino’s pizzas, big Mc-Donald’s burgers and of course large amounts of Ben & Jerry's.


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Gardens of the us residence in herzlia 


Old and young, people of all origins, civilians, military and police staff, all gathered together on the impressive lawn to enjoy food, drinks and causal chats. Military attaches of so many different countries colored the garden with their beautiful uniforms and decorations. This is a unique occasion when “ordinary” citizens can share hamburgers’ with their leaders whom they usually see only on the media….


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Doron Neev Idan Neev


An orchestra of the Israeli Conservatory of Music played for the guests.

Later in the evening, the guests were invited to take part in the more official moments of the event in presence of H.E. President Shimon Peres, US Supreme Court Justice , the Honorable Elena Kagan and of course Ambassador Shapiro and his spouse.


The ceremony started by Presentation of the Colors by the U.S. Marine Corps Security Guard Detachment and performance of the two National Anthems.

The Ambassador, in an excellent Hebrew praised the warm relations between the two nations and expressed his and his wife pleasure to be here again after spending some time in Israel for studying, many years ago.


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President of Israel, Ambassador of the USA and spouse – National Anthem of the United States 


President Peres has also shared his gratitude towards the American President. He didn’t forget to mention his trip to White House last week where he was honored by receiving the Freedom Medal. Finally the Israeli President thanked the US government and the American people for keeping such a warm and strong relationship with Israel.


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 Speech by President Shimon Peres 


The very pleasant and enjoyable evening was concluded by a  beautiful fireworks display over the skies of Herzlia.


Happy Independence Day for our US customers, colleagues and friends! 


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